About us

The existence of an organized body to coordinate Public Health professionals is of paramount importance to protect and promote the public health of the Eritrean people. Moreover, it is important to improve the health and wellbeing of all Eritreans through involvement of public health experts and other stakeholders related to the field. The Eritrean Public health Association (Eri-PHA) is an independent and non-profit organization that stands for public health professionals.


The Eritrean Public Health Association was founded under the relevant laws of the government of Eritrea aiming to work for the professional development of its members, through continuous education, short training courses and evidence based researches for the advancement of appropriate and timely public health interventions. The Association also protects the rights of the profession and professionals without prejudice to gender, political, religious, or ethnic affiliations. Moreover, Eri-PHA respects the professional ethics of all other professional associations.

Become a member

Membership is open to all individuals above 18 years of age who fulfill the requirements of the Association as stated in this Constitution. There are three categories of members as identified hereunder. Membership is approved only after filling the appropriate form and paying the required fee.